Gabe Katz

Drummer & Composer

Born in Los Angeles CA, he started drumming at age 3. He studied with Alex Cline until the age of 7 when he moved to Sebastopol CA. He grew up playing in bands such as The Coma Lilies, Shat, Sex Goddess, and Dos Gringos. At age 21 he moved to Portland OR. There, he played in My Dads, Horders, Mean Girls, Shat Duo, Jaun Profit Organization, Dallas County Potential, Lil Pimp, Hot Pink, Hosannas, and The Sarcastic Dharma Society. At age 29 he moved back to California. He joined Cash Pony and also formed Hautahuah. He’s subbed and toured with such bands as Neighborhood Brats, Lee Corey Oswald and Swingin Utters. Some studio work includes Neighborhood Brats, De Leon, Hunter Ellis, Asher Katz and Hosannas. Gabe has an extensive catalog of solo work as well. Other past projects include Rags, Acrylics, and The Illumignarly. Current projects include Horders, Cash Pony and SPF-1985.



Drum lessons, session work, subbing, etc...